Child Development

Through Play


Why First Playtime

First Playtime is for you if you are caring for little ones and want to make the most of those precious first three years.

Help your child build their self-confidence with this natural approach to child development.

In allowing and observing self-initiated play, we focus on the wellbeing of both you and your child, supporting respectful care, positive relationships and healthy motor development.

Baby Classes & Toddler Classes

First Playtime Classes sow the seeds for essential life skills, including socialisation, self-motivation and resilience, in children of varying abilities, aged between birth and three years…

Respectful Care Workshops

Developed over several years, these workshops bring deeper insight into the development of the child as a whole human being, enabling deeper, more respectful relationship and understanding…

Playthings for Self-Initiated Play

Toys and Playthings are not a necessity. Our homes provide every opportunity for self-discovery and adventure, but if you want to choose gifts for the little one in your life, here are some suggestions…


Free Taster Session

To come and experience a First Playtime Class, use the button below to go to our bookings mini-site. Select the class you're interested in and look for the Free Taster Session option.


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