Unfolding Through Play



We’re not exactly a regular mother and toddler group so what are we?

First Playtime helps sow the seeds for essential life skills including socialisation, self-motivation and resilience in children of varying abilities aged between 6 and 24 months.

We do this in small classes lasting 90 minutes with an experienced Class Leader who will help you interpret your child’s stages of development through the medium of play.

With many demands on your time and attention it’s easy to miss the subtler accomplishments. We offer your child a Yes Space where they’re allowed to do (nearly) everything and we offer you a Parent Space where you have the freedom to sit and enjoy your child, away from the pressures of having to do everything else at the same time!

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Rachel’s baby classes are a rare gem. She creates a beautiful space for children to play in freely, and offers parents the chance to sit back, relax, as well as to see their children in a way they may have never seen them before. She is also an invaluable source of knowledge when it comes to questions about those magical but often hard early years of parenthood. We look forward to each week’s session with my 10-months-old, and have happy memories of the earlier ones from 4 years ago that my now 5-year-old and I attended.
— CD J
Whilst I always felt I had advocated respect for babies and children, Rachel’s class has
really made me think and has changed the way I will interact with babies forevermore.
— Tara


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"The group is the highlight of my week, how often in our busy lives as parents do we have an opportunity to  sit back and observe our children. I have learnt a huge amount from Rachel and other parents in the group and believe I am a more thoughtful parent as a result."


It's all about the importance of play…

If you think about 'play' being the 'work' of childhood it might put a different perspective on things…

Inspired by the Pikler Approach, our classes are equipped with open-ended playthings. These are objects that can be manipulated in different ways – stacked, sorted, rolled, banged – open to interpretation and the wonderful world of your child’s imagination.

And at a time when we’re overwhelmed with information and technology almost everywhere we look, First Playtime provides you with time and space to sit back and really enjoy that oh-so-fleeting period as your child makes sense of themselves and their surroundings for the first time.

If you'd like to read more about how this works in practice, take a look at my Blog.