It's all about the importance of play…

If you think about play being the work of childhood, it puts a different perspective on things…

Inspired by the Pikler Approach, our classes are equipped with open-ended playthings. These are objects that can be manipulated in different ways – stacked, sorted, rolled, banged – open to interpretation and the wonderful world of your child’s imagination.

And at a time when we’re overwhelmed with information and technology almost everywhere we look, First Playtime Classes provide you with time and space to sit back and really enjoy that oh-so-fleeting period as your child makes sense of themselves and their surroundings for the first time.


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If you'd like to read more about how this works in practice, take a look at my Blog posts. And if you have any questions, head over to my Frequently Asked Questions page. 

I also run Workshops for any parents of young children wanting to expand their knowledge of early child development. They can be taken singly or together as a group.

The group is the highlight of my week, how often in our busy lives as parents do we have an opportunity to sit back and observe our children. I have learnt a huge amount from Rachel and other parents in the group and believe I am a more thoughtful parent as a result.