Do you like to feel heard?

On Saturday 3rd November, I’ll be running the next in my series of workshops for parents. These workshops, for adults only, are aimed at both class members and other parents with an interest in deepening their understanding of the first three years of life.

The session coming up is called ‘Hearing their Voices, Speaking their Truth’. I called it that because there is a wealth of difference between hearing something that is said and understanding the truth of what that means for the person saying it. Whether that person is 2 years old or 22, their truth may not be the same as ours and it’s only by really listening that we learn about what’s important to them.

When we really hear another voice, it’s possible to empathise, putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes for a moment to see how life feels from their point of view. Only then can we begin to know what it’s like to be them - what’s important, what hurts, what makes them angry or feel shame.

When your little one tells you something, whether they are using words or not yet able to speak, how you hear them and what you reflect back to them matters.

Having someone tell you they understand your frustration, joy or upset, makes you feel worthy. It recognises you as an individual and meets your need to be acknowledged.

The ‘Hearing their Voices, Speaking their Truth’ workshop will help you find ways to improve your understanding of this mindful approach to parenting - communicating with your children to support their development and yours.

Together, we will experiment and discuss different approaches according to the age of your child.

And if you can’t attend this time but would like to know more, there are FREE class taster sessions always available. Why not come along and see this approach in action?