Baby Classes & Toddler Classes

First Playtime Classes sow the seeds for essential life skills, including socialisation, self-motivation and resilience, in children of varying abilities, aged between birth and three years.

In small Mother & Baby Classes and Parent & Toddler Classes, we examine how we can interpret child development through the medium of self-chosen play.

With many demands on your time and attention each week, it's easy to miss your child's subtler accomplishments. We offer your little one a YES Space, where they're allowed to do (almost) everything, and we offer you a Parent Space where you have the freedom to sit and enjoy quality time with your child, away from the pressures of having to do many things at the same time!

If you’d like to know what to expect from a class, and what’s expected of you, please click HERE for a copy of my Class Leaflet. If you’d like to ask me any questions, please give me a CALL, or EMAIL ME. I’ll be happy to hear from you.

Yes Space for the Children

When play is self-chosen, an infant or child can explore freely, sometimes playing for prolonged periods with the same plaything or group of playthings. Almost everything is allowed, with guidance given for how to handle the trickier situations. 

Parent Space for Parents & Carers

Having an experienced Class Leader on hand, to intervene and guide where necessary, means parents may relax and take the time to observe how their child interacts with others, and the surroundings. What can they already do?

More than 10 Years' Experience

Every unique child is honoured and respected, each encouraged to follow their own individual path of development, both physically and emotionally, whilst learning to play alongside others. 

Monday - Whitchurch-on-Thames - 10am - 11.15

6 - 24 months approx

Wednesday - Padworth - 9.45 - 12.00

Birth - 3 years

Thursday - Padworth - 9.45 - 11.00

6 - 24 months approx

Friday - Padworth - 9.45 - 11.00

18 - 24 months approx

Classes from £12.50 per session, paid in blocks in advance.