Joy & Happiness in Play Every Day
Joy & Happiness in Play Every Day
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About us

At First Playtime, we recognise that play is the work of childhood and we aim to provide children with the tools for this most important activity. In all things, the emphasis is on self-initiated play - play that comes from the child's curiosity and interest.

I wonder if you can remember being small and finding something that you just loved to play with, day after day, hour after hour. Maybe it was something you found in the garden or it was that cupboard full of pots and pans in the kitchen. Chances are it wasn't a purpose-made toy at all but something that fascinated little you and kept you busy for ages. Back then, you were an explorer, a scientist, an artist, searching for meaning and finding out all about the world around you in every spare moment.

Can you remember that? Have you noticed that same tendency in your own children?

At First Playtime, we source products which are interesting and attractive to small children and often older ones too. A red spotty cloth is attractive, light-weight and easy to hold and, made just right, it can stand up on the floor next to the infant, within reach. A brightly coloured ball is always fun, but ours has the right kind of holes so it can easily be hooked on little fingers, encouraging the infant to try this again. He can pick it up, see through it and, if he drops it on himself, it's light enough that it doesn't hurt.

We are bombarded by information and technology almost everywhere we look but at First Playtime, we help you to sit back and pay attention to how interesting and interested your children can be...