The Authentic Parenthood Course

The Authentic Parenthood Course


Thursday 6th June for five weeks - 13:45 to 15:15

Little ones welcome up to 24 months.

Willow Room, Bridge House, Mill Lane, Padworth RG7 4JU

In a series of five lessons, we look at various aspects of parenting from different perspectives and find simple ways to work on our parenting evolution. 

There are just 8 places available for each intake. If you are interested but all places are currently taken, please email me so I can let you know as soon as more become available.

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This new course is designed just for busy, possibly-a-little-overwhelmed Mums like you, who are trying to give your little ones the best start in life whilst juggling work, family and looking after yourself.

Do you ever feel like you’re putting all your energy into parenting and your job but you're not getting any quality one-to-one time with your little one or for yourself?

When you’re multi-tasking - juggling these very important everyday tasks - it’s easy to get stuck feeling exhausted and blue.

The good news is, you can turn this busy life of yours into a less exhausting, more fulfilling one with just a bit of a shift in mindset and understanding.  

I help parents who feel overwhelmed and exhausted to finally understand that you CAN be good enough at it all, if you just start focusing on one basic thing.

That’s why I’m super-excited to offer you the chance to work with me in an exclusive small group with my brand-new Mindful Parenting offer: Authentic Parenthood: overcoming the overwhelm to become a balanced & mindful parent.

Maybe you’ve already tried mindfulness or meditation. Well, this is a little different. During our 5-week course, you and your little one will get the benefit of more than 12 years experience, a safe space so you can feel supported, like-minded others to share the journey and, perhaps most importantly, this innovative, common-sense approach to balancing your child's needs with your own.

If you’re finding the going tricky and know you can do more but you just need some guidance, empathy and a bit of support, I can help

We’ll look at three main areas of parenting together and make big things happen for you and your family.

The three main topics are:

  • The Importance of Play

  • Hearing & Speaking Their Truth

  • Self-Care and Caring for Others

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I can’t wait to work with you.